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SWOM Tips: How to Connect to the 40 Newest Swom Members Fast

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I’ve been a gold member at SWOM for six months now and I’m really keen to continue swomming for many months to come as long as time permits. If you have not realize the advantages of SWOM, read my previous post  7 Top Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade To SWOM Gold Membership.

Here’s a simple trick that I do everyday to save some time swomming. It’s a shortcut to connecting to the latest 40 people who just signed up to SWOM. The advantage of connecting to these people is the benefit of getting paid the Gold Evangelist share.

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Step 1.

Type on your browser, http://swom.com if you haven’t bookmarked it. The page will load showing Swom sign-up page. Note you cannot see this page if you are already logged-in. So don’t sign-in yet.

Step 2:

Open a new tab (Press CTRL Key on your keyboard + click  Log-in  on the top right of the sign-up page). Or simply open new window then log-in as usual.


Step 3:

The tool that you need is a browser add-on called “Linky.”Your browser should be Firefox or Google Chrome. I use Firefox by the way. To get the Linky Add on, click Tools on the file menu, then select Add-ons. Type the word “Linky” on the search bar and press ENTER or click search. Choose the Linky Icon (like a chain)  then select Get-Add on Icon on the top. If you are lost just Click here to install.

Step 3.

Go back to Step 1. Using your mouse, SELECT the 40 people on the page. Point your mouse from the first person. PRESS and HOLD the left button of your mouse. DO NOT RELEASE IT until you have selected or highlighted all the 40 people. Then release and press the RIGHT BUTTON  of your mouse. A cursor menu will appear. Point to the LINKY Icon and a sub-menu appears, and select “Open Selected Links in Tabs.” Wait for all the tabs/windows to load.

Step 4

Now, with all the 40 people opened in 40 tabs/windows, go to each page. Scroll down to the News Feed and click on the Connect Button (Highlighted with gold box). Congratulations, you just made 40 connections in less than 2 minutes!


If you don’t want to use the Linky tool, you can use your keyboard shortcuts. On Step 1, simply do this successively. Press Ctrl Key on your keyboard and without releasing it,  click on the photo of the first person using your mouse. A new tab/window will open. Once page is loaded, scroll down and click on the connect button (step 4 above).  Do this until you clicked all the 40 names. This one takes about 3-5 minutes depending on how fast your computer works.


Watch this video made by my Kiwi friend, Ngarangi Pomare that he posted on Youtube. It’s a superfast way of connecting to the 100,000+ members of SWOM:


I’m a member of the TWR Power Team – Thor



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