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Famous People Who Failed at Their First Attempt – Motivational video

famous people with failures

Failure is defined as a “lack of success in doing or achieving something, especially in relation to a particular activity.” “If you say that someone is a failure, you mean that they have not succeeded …

Internet Marketing: Changing Education Paradigms


Before you watch the video below, I just want to share a bit of information about what I learn from an internet marketing seminar. The most controversial question that the speaker asked was this : …

How to Recruit for Network Marketing using Facebook

How to Recruit for Network Marketing using Facebook

This is a fantastic video tutorial on how to properly utilize facebook as a source of business partners, team members, entrepreneurs, network marketers, etc. It is very practical that anyone in Facebook can start doing …

The Mindset of a Loser and 4 Excuses Winners Avoid

mindset of a loser

In this world, there are people who call themselves winners while others cannot accept the fact that they are losers. But what makes a winner? What makes a loser? The difference lies in perspective, …

12 Things Successful People Do Differently

12 Things Successful People Do Differently

What’s the secrets of successful people? Are they smarter than everyone else? Do they do things that an average person can’t simply do? Well, I came across a photo being shared on Facebook, and in fact, it’s been shared hundreds of time. It’s very interesting that it lists down 12 things successful people do differently.

Jim Rohn – Personal Development – Living An Exceptional Life

Jim Rohn Living An Exceptional Life

I came across this video on Youtube with Jim Rohn talking. I am totally hooked as soon as I start to appreciate the value of what he is talking about. He spoke about practical and …

Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists?

Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists

With all the suicide bombings, massacres, and killings going on not only in France, Beirut, Syria, Iraq, it came to my senses and asked myself this question: Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists?  I googled …

Web Design – Online Marketing Basics

Web Design Online Marketing Basics

We are now living in the digital age and traditional businesses are now engaging and taking their businesses online. As consumers now adopt the convenience of online shopping, we expect huge competition in the internet …

Grab Your Ultimate Network Marketers Online Tools!

Grab Your Ultimate Network Marketers Online Tools!

GVO Hosting is my ever reliable webhosting for over 2 years now. You see, when you are marketing on the internet, sometimes you feel like your head is going to explode! The amount of tools, …

How To Get Facebook Fans Fast | Facebook Marketing Tutorials Series

How To Get Facebook Fans Fast

As I wanted to grow the number of people who will LIKE my Page, I came across this very interesting and helpful video at Youtube. The author of this video is really clever and I like his marketing style. It’s not one of those run-of-the-mill and boring videos we often see online. It features 10 Super Ways To Get More Likes on Facebook 2012.

AllinOneProfits: Why Every Blogger Should Join

blogger people

Every serious blogger needs a self-hosted site. That is, your blog should have its own webhosting and a domain name. Branding a site of your own makes a huge difference in the long run. Your URL or website address will be your permanent address online. People will remember your brand.

Finally a Cheap and Reliable Webhosting, Blogging, and Marketing Tools Package for Your Online Business

GVO Host then profits top internet marketer

The most affordable business building package has been released! Now you can have the best marketing tools in the industry to help explode your current business. The added value is that you can also take this new profit pulling package and make it your online income generator for yourself. It is called the HOSTHENPROFITS – your all-inclusive package!