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George Strait – Write This Down (No. 1 Hit Song)


This is one of my favorite George Strait’s song ,”Write this Down.” It was released in March 1999 as the second single from Strait’s album Always Never the Same. It was George Strait’s 35th number …

Earn Extra Income From Home: GVO Home Business Opportunity

Try GVO for a $1 dollar!!! Now you can have the best marketing tools in the industry to help explode your current business. https://bit.ly/GVOTryNow

The most affordable business building package has been released! Now you can have the best marketing tools in the industry to help explode your current business. The added value is that you can also take …

Must Watch: Zig Ziglar Talks About Goal Setting

Zig Ziglar Talks About Goal Setting

Zig Ziglar talks about the importance of setting goals and how to achieve. This video is a bit long but surely, you can can pick up valuable learning that can potentially improve your business or …

Darren Hardy: How to Achieve Insane Productivity?

Darren Hardy motivational quote

This is another talk by Darren Hardy that I want to share it with you. It’s Darren Hardy Insane Productivity (video below). As a student of personal development, wanting to grow myself better in all …

How to Recruit for Network Marketing using Facebook

How to Recruit for Network Marketing using Facebook

This is a fantastic video tutorial on how to properly utilize facebook as a source of business partners, team members, entrepreneurs, network marketers, etc. It is very practical that anyone in Facebook can start doing …

All in One Profits : Gearing Up for Your Success


All in One Profits has been consistently my prime online business opportunity. While I do participate in some other online business ventures as listed on my Money Making Page, All in One Profits (AIOP) is definitely the most legally compliant opportunity I’ve ever joined. It is one of those businesses that will stay for a long term.

How to Speak So That People Want to Listen?

Julian Treasure How to speak so that people want to listen

There are a lot of good stuff available on the the internet! Some people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars just to attend a good seminar, convention or talks. But if you are resourceful enough, …

How To Earn Unlimited Residual Income at All In One Profits

work form home opportunity

Ever dreamed of a simple, affordable, and lucrative system that will bring unlimited Residual Income into your pocket? Have you ever asked ask, “There’s got to be something simple and realistic?!”

ProfitClicking Update | 3% Per Day Earning, Profitshift and Withdrawals

ProfitShift Profitclicking

If you are not yet a member of Profit Clicking, this is a great time to join the Profit Clicking family. For the first time ever, a “3% per day” Profit Explosion promotion was introduced! All Ad Packs purchased from new funds (not what has been earned inside) between now and Dec 25th will enjoy daily earnings of 3% until maturity. So, it’s really a great chance to explode your earnings. Normally, Profit Clicking pays 2% or 20 cents on weekdays and 1% or 10 cents on weekends for each $10.00 ad pack.

Profitclicking Traffic Generation Plus Making Money Online Combined

profitclicking traffic exchange

Profitclicking is undoubtedly one of the top traffic exchange sites worldwide. Alexa reports Profitclicking has average of 174,537 visitors a day or 2,503,398 per month, and a daily page views of 2,075,300 or 66,383,327 a month (Alexa reports as at 11/11/2012).

AllinOneProfits: Why Every Blogger Should Join

blogger people

Every serious blogger needs a self-hosted site. That is, your blog should have its own webhosting and a domain name. Branding a site of your own makes a huge difference in the long run. Your URL or website address will be your permanent address online. People will remember your brand.

John C. Maxwell | Law Of Influence

John Maxwell Leadership is influence

The true measure of leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less. He points out that there is a huge misconception that leadership is title or leadership is position. You can have a position but no one is following.