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Do Most People Fail in Network Marketing?

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MLM dont quit

DON’T QUIT!!! Quitting  is the biggest problem in internet/network marketing businesses. If people don’t see IMMEDIATE results, they give up.

The first time I was involved in network marketing, particularly GDI (Global Domains Inc), I was practically left alone. Being a neophyte at that time, I could hardly get things working and I really lack support from my sponsor.  It was such a frustrating experience. Having watched  the GDI sales video, I was really convinced by their presentation including the business plan that they are promoting. I said to myself, I’ll sign up! At least I can use their product for $10 a month.  I could plug-in one of my blogs. Honestly, I like GDI’s Domain Name offer. What I didn’t really like is the web hosting because it is so limited.  Disappointing story for me as I’d never referred anyone on this MLM business. So shameful of myself …LOL. So, I failed! Goodbye GDI.

But I didn’t lose my hope and passion for internet marketing. It’s not game over. Only quitter are losers. I came across a social networking site called SWOM. There I met wonderful people who have been doing network marketing.  I stumble on the page of my online British friend, Mick  Rush and I was introduced to Stress Free Salary-Teamwork Revolution Power System (SFS-TWRPS). Stress Free Salary is a marketing tool promoting the TWRPS Affiliate Program. Mick actually helped me get my first sign-up within my 14-days trial period. I got the other one from my SWOM contacts. Having two referrals is a breakthrough, because my monthly subscription to TWRPS is pretty covered within my first two-weeks of joining!

TWRPS is really one of the best affiliate program that suits me well.  As a paid member, I enjoy unlimited web hosting and autoresponders. Perfect for my business having built several blogs and  planning to do more. Actually, this blog is hosted at TWRPS and because I’m already in the middle of the 2×8 affiliate program, my web hosting and autoresponders are already free.  I have two other sites that are being hosted by TWRPS at the moment.

SFS-TWRPS is an affiliate program where affiliates earns up to $6,900.00 per month. Fast Spillover. with its 2×8 compensation plan. Excellent Marketing. You only need two referrals to get your monthly fee covered month and month. All the rest is income. Very reliable business. Great Teamwork. CLICK HERE if you are interested to join our team.

Do most people fail at network marketing?

Watch this video. Tim Sales investigates: Do most people fail at network marketing? How can MLM’s get away with claiming that everyone can succeed? Learn what you need to know before you consider joining an MLM company.

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  • Sue Tamani says:

    Thor, I really identify with your story! Thanks for telling it. And I just love Tim Sales, a true professional who tells it like it is.

  • Thor says:

    Thanks Sue..I’m glad to see you on my blog.

  • Armin Pooth says:

    Hello Thor, a wonderful article. Tim Sales is not unknown for me. One of his videos with Professor Charles King I long for my website. He was always a source of ideas for my Network Academy. Network marketing is and will remain in the initial stage of hard work. If you’ve got anything else he says is either a pathetic liar or simply ignorant and stupid. The best greetings from Germany, Armin Pooth

  • Gidday Thor. It’s always interesting to hear the stories of how we got into network marketing and how we adopted to the networking environment and its challenges. Certainly this can be a rewarding business, not the least because you make great friends along the way, but tenacity is one of the key ingredients to long-term success. There are also other crucial factors, that only now, with the development of marketing on the web, that have become possible in achieving that success. Keep up the great work with your excellent blog. – G

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