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5Dollar Wonder makemoney from home
5 Dollar Wonder is a simple, low-cost online money making program. There is no complicated compensation plan. No team building. No passups.

5 Dollar Wonder is a digital product sales site that distributes sought after products that facilitate the exposure of any business to Internet users. To expand the reach of 5 Dollar Wonder digital products an Independent Affiliate program exists, whereby anyone holding a PaySpree account can become a member. Membership of 5 Dollar Wonder entails paying either a monthly website hosting fee ($5) or the purchase of a lifetime website hosting package ($50), which covers all hosting, development and upgrade costs that may be encountered. 5 Dollar Wonder rewards its members for the sales of its digital products and increasing exposure to the 5 Dollar Wonder brand, by way of a 100% direct commissions structure. 5 Dollar Wonder members can benefit directly from the sales of digital products, the sales of 5 Dollar Wonder membership/website hosting packages and the sales of advertising across the 5 Dollar Wonder network of associate websites.



1. Newbie friendly
People who are new to making money online are most welcome. You don’t need to be an expert internet marketer to make 5Dollar Wonder work. This is so simple that it doesn’t require an advanced knowledge to create some results.

2. Low Startup Cost
What will you do with $4.99? Will you use it to buy for a small snack or throw it on pokie or slot machine?  With 5 Dollar Wonder, it is just $4.99 to get started and you have the opportunity to make money online. The results depend on how you work and how you promote this opportunity.  Give it  a go!  The most skeptical of people really have no excuse for not joining this opportunity.

3. Earn 100% Commissions!
It’s simple. Promote and when you make a $4.99 sale, you make $4.99! 100% commissions. Only one sale to break even.

4. Instant Payment via Paypal
With the 5 Dollar Wonder program, you get paid instantly via Paypal. You don’t have to wait for weekly or monthly as most online opportunities do.  Your commissions are paid to you right away. Isn’t that awesome?

5. Digital Product Library
With you membership, you get access to online resources that are useful in internet marketing. It’s worth the money you spend! You can also sell these products and make additional income.

6. Free Marketing Resources
Pre-written ads and marketing techniques and sites are provided. It’s a simple cut-and-paste system. If you join, feel free to contact me and I will help you with marketing this opportunity online.

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DISCLAIMER: Just like other opportunities online, there is NO GUARANTEE that you make money on 5Dollar Wonder. Your success depends on your effort, skill and time to make this opportunity work.