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Join Every Safelist Mailer. Use the Promo codes For THOUSANDS OF CREDITS!
Promo Codes for Safelists

Claim Your Promo Codes for Safelists For Instant Solo Ads, Banners, Text Ads, credits & More!

FREE Promo Codes for Safelists Worth Over $5000 In Advertising!

Here is a collection of Promo Codes for Safelists that I am using. What is a Safelist? A Safelist is a mailing list that is geared towards advertising web sites, business opportunities, and so forth. All members of a free or paid safelist agree to receive advertising emails from the other members. It benefits you by allowing you to advertise to a number of people via email, without having to resort to spam.

You need to have at least two emails, preferably Gmail, one for receiving all the email ads from other members called List Email (you will receive lots and lots of email. Do not your personal email for this), and the other one is called Contact Email, where you will receive letters from the Admin of the sites below and Solo Ads Email from other members where you get higher credits for every email you read (Again, I suggest you use another email and not your personal email unless you are good in organizing your Gmail account using tags and  filters).

It is very easy to join the Top Safelists Sites below. All of them are Free to Join.  I recommend that you join as many as you can (I joined them all so I can email everyday alternately). Just click on the banner or the link and fill in your details. After joining you’ll need to activate your account by clicking a link in a verification email sent to both your Contact Email and List Email addresses.

More Advertising sites on these Links: Top Ad Exchanges, Top List Builders, and  Safelists Promo Codes

Super Safe Mailer

BESTLIST MAILER –>http://www.bestlistmailer.com

You can be gone for a week and your advertising will still be done FOR YOU, multiple times a day, to the full membership of each site. These popular sites have 10,000’s of members waiting to visit your websites

Super Safe Mailer

Adtactics.com Safelist –>http://adtactics.com

Adtactics Safelist can increase Your Marketing Results With Effective Email Advertising. With their safelist, you can email 15842 Active Members – introduce your website or promote your opportunity. Totally free!

Super Safe Mailer

EMAIL-HOG –>http://email-hog.com

Email-Hog! One Name Says It All! Use Promo Code: “newmail”, “newmember for $100 in Great Advertising! Email-Hog is taking big steps to make sure our membership stays active, wants to be active, and gets the results you deserve!

Super Safe Mailer

EUROPEAN SAFELIST –>http://europeansafelist.com

European Safelist is the most highly rated email marketing service on the internet. Free advertising mailing list. Total Members: 17,057. Send your message to all free members. Put your banner and/or text link, 5000 start credits and 500 free monthly credits

Super Safe Mailer Blaster Guru>http://www.blaster.guru

Responsive Blaster Guru, Your email ad will be blasted to ALL members for a FLAT fee of credits. Not the 1 credit to send to 1 person ratio as usual. Very active site with huge membership. Upgrade to maximize your membership!

Super Safe Mailer Super Safemailer –>http://supersafemailer.com

Responsive Safelist, 3,944 Active Members, Free Member gets Free 20,000 Credits to start with, Credit Mailing Systems, Solo Ads ONLY $4.95 ea Login Ads ONLY $2.95 ea.

100 PERCENT MAILER –>http://www.100percentmailer.com

100 Percent Mailer is a very responsive mailer. It has delivered 5 Million Emails as of Monday March 18th, 2013. Yes, it is official! It has passed the 5 Million Email mark! Click through rate is still holding at over 10% with over a half million emails clicked on. Pretty amazing for a brand new safelist. 100 Percent Mailer guarantees a 3% minimum click thru rate on every email. If it doesn’t hit 3%, you get your credits back! I have not seen that one before!

TOPTIER MAILER –>http://www.toptiermailer.com

TopTierMailer is definitely the Best! It’s true, it’s the Most Advanced Mailing System on the Planet! Matthew Graves has just put all of his experience with thousands of email campaigns into a new mailer which changes the whole game of email marketing. TopTierMailer gives you three different ways to get a list of thousands to email.

Super Safe Mailer

LIST JOE SAFELIST –>http://listjoe.com

List Joe is one of the best! Re-launched successfully. In 5 minutes, Joe can send your email ad to 1000 home-based internet marketers. That’s right, Joe’s a happy guy, because he’s seen 1000s of people succeed online through email marketing.No Listjoe promo code available at this time. List joe promo code to be updated here soon!!!


HOTSPOT MAILER –>http://www.hotspotmailer.com

HotSpotMailer – Get Unlimited Email Ads & Unlimited Bucks! 22464 active members that you can email your ad to – from business opportunity seekers, to offline business owners and anything from writers to hobbyists

Super Safe Mailer

WONDER MAILER>http://www.wondermailer.com

WonderMailer is getting people results, check out the testimonials. The click rate is massive… Sign -up- today and start out with 500 points to use for ads! You’ll see, it takes 7 seconds to see why it’s called “Wonder Mailer” – and it just came out. You’ll get Wonderful Results!

2012 Ads

2012 ADS –>http://2012-ads.com

2012 Ads – Email Marketing That Will Last a Lifetime! Sign up for your free membership and receive $300.00 worth of advertising right now. When you join 2012 Ads you immediately get traffic to promote your offers. In fact, you can start emailing up to 2000 prospects right away (assuming there are that many members at the site). 2012 Ads Promo Code: newmember You’ll Receive…20,000 Mailing Credits $200 Value, 4 Solo Ads $80 Value, 1 Text Links w/ 2.5K Impressions $10 Value, 2 Banner Ads w/ 1K Impressions $10 Value


VIRAL NUGGET –>http://www.viralnugget.com

Welcome To Viral Nugget! “Claim Instant Advertising And Also Mail 6,000 Random Viral Nugget Members Every 3 Days At A Push Of A Button Plus 50,000 Text Ad Credits Per Month!” if you are upgraded. Use Promo code: “XSCASH” and “VNROCKS”

Free Safe Mailer

Free Safelistmailer.com –>http://www.freesafelistmailer.com

Total Active Members: 44,244Grab a $10 Sign Up Bonus! Upon successful signup you can add $10 to your commission account going to “Promo Code Redemption” and entering “10DollarsFree” and $10 will automatically be put into your account.

Click Five Links, Gain A Mailer!State of the Art Mailer System –>http://state-of-the-art-mailer.com

Total Members: 17,862. Total Clicks: 16,712,655 and counting. If you are looking for a quality mailer that will get your ads seen, look no further. State of the Art Mailer is one of the best.

Fast Cash Mailer –>http://fastcashmailer.com

Fash Cash Mailer is a brand new and fastest growing list builder I have seen EVER. With two owners behind it Sean Supplee and Mark McCulloch this viral list builder has a solid team that will get you amazing results you wont find anywhere else.

Safelist Viral Ad Store Safelist >http://viraladstore.com

ViralAdStore has 11985 active members! Explode Your Downline. Discover How You Can Build A Massive List For FREE… Join Viral Ad Store. The Most powerful Viral Tool Ever. Viral Ad Store Promo Codes = outbreak1000, outbreak2500, myviralbuilder, listeffectsoto, njstraffic,JULES2000

Super Safe Mailer

Marketers Safelist >http://marketer-safelist.com

Marketers Safelist Total Members: 4221 and it is growing fast. You will get 10,000 credits just for joining and 10,000 mailing credits bonus code to redeemed every month, as long as being an active member for free. Earn more credits for reading other member mails and for referring others too.

Super Safe Mailer

 Adchiever.Com –>http://adchiever.com

There are 8185 active adchiever members. 300 Mailing Credits For Joining adchiever Now! As a free member you can reach up to 1,200 members daily. Adchiever promo codes: 48hours_login (this will give you 2,000 login ads); and promo code: 48hours_banner (this one will give you 2,000 banner impressions)

Super Safe Mailer

Active Safelist –>http://activesafelist.com

Advertise Your Website Offers To Opt-In Safelist Of 7,369 Active Members For FREE! Credit Based Mailer. 35,000 free credits on sign-up. Free Members are allowed to email 2 Times a Day!

Super Safe Mailer

Elite Safelist –>http://elitesafelist.com

Free, responsive credit based safelist advertising. Active Members: 13,468. Credit Mailer Use Every Day! 2,000 Free Signup Credits. Now You Can Take Your Business To An Elite Level With Free Credit-Based Safelist Advertising! You Could Be Contacting a Huge List of Prospects Right NOW! Join Elite Safelist quickly now! For 1000 free mailing credits use the Promo Code: showdown Additional promo code: “bailout” ,

Global Safelist –>http://globalsafelist.com

Free solo ad email advertising. Active Members: 11,770. Credit Based Mailer Limit of every 3 Days for FREE Members. Great package for upgraded members.

List Building Maximizer

List Building Maximizer –>http://listbuildingmaximizer.com

Free members are allowed to send up to 11,560 members. 1,000 sign up credits. Mail frequency for free members is every 4 Days. List Building Maximizer Delivered 16,143,119 Real Visitors To Member’s Websites in the Month of February, 2012! Promo codes: 420AF76A0E for 2500 credits, “76124A3802“for 5000 credits, “938C848470” for 10000 credits, LBM15000FREE for 15,000 FREE Advertising Credits! More List Building Maximizer promo codes: “WORLDPROFIT” for 20,000 FREE Advertising Credits!

Safelist XL

Herculist Safelist –>http://www.herculist.com

59246 + Member Safe-list! As a Free member you will be able to send your ad to a random 1500 Herculist members per week (750 members every 84 hours). Pro and Gold members mail to 59246 Members!

Super Safe Mailer

Adjockeys.com –>http://adjockeys.com

Adjockeys is Fast Growing Safelist. Get a Free Upgraded Lifetime Pro Membership AdJockeys plus a $10 Sign Up Commission! Use Adjockeys Promo Code: New Member for the following: – Lifetime Pro Upgrade – $10 Sign Up BONUS – 25,000 Credits – 5 HotLINKS – 3 Traffic Links – 1 Solo – 1 SoloBUCKS – 5 List Solos

Safelist XL

SafelistXL Safelist –>http://safelistxl.com

Total Members: 4054. Monthly credits of 20,000. Credit Based Mailer Limit of 2 mailings per day.

List Building Maximizer

MidnightSun Safelist –>http://midnightsunsafelist.com

Join Now Absolutely FREE and receive 15,000 Signup Credits! Total Active Members: 4360. 5,000 monthly credits. Email Everyday


 List bonus Safelist Extreme

List Bonus –>http://listbonus.com

Sign up now and instantly send out your ad to 1500 targeted List Bonus members for free. You will also earn an additional 250 credits for every one you add to your downline and receive bonus credits just for being and active member!

 my safelist mailer

My Safelist Mailer –>http://mysafelistmailer.com

Join as a “Free Member” you get 10,000 to start, 5,000 Credits every month, Mail Out to 3,000+ Members Every day! 3 Free Banner Ads on This Website
Upgrade to “Pro Membership”and receive 25,000 credits to start, 10,000 every month and mail out 6 times a day!!! Get a Downline Builder & DOWNLOADS
for Free Safelist & Traffic eBooks, Manuals & Software

 Target Safelist promo code

Target Safelist >http://target-safelist.com

Effective Safelist Advertising That’s Always On Target! Target Safelist Delivers Guaranteed Targeted Traffic for FREE!
Total Members: 4654. Use Promo Code newmember After Joining For 5000 FREE Send Credits! Additional Effective Safelist Promo Code “88E281F70D

Safelist Extreme

Golden Op Safelist >http://www.goldenopsafelist.com

5,474 active members! Welcome to GoldenOp Safelist! ADVERTISE & EARN $ with our Free, Clear and Responsive Safelist. 10,000 MAILING CREDITS SIGH UP BONUS! Use Promo Code “New Member“. Also, use this Promo Code to claim your 10,000 FREE credits: 4F98ACBE5F

Safelist Extreme

Free Adsmailer.com >http://freeadsmailer.com

Total Members: 6,396. Join now for free and receive 25 000 credits! When joining claim your free list solo ad.Use promo-code: FreeListSolo1. You will find one more code in the member’s area, for more credits. So you can start off your advertising with 32,500 credits. More FreeAdsMailer Promo codes: “NewFAMPromo”

RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC > http://www.rushourtraffic.com

Welcome to Rush Hour Traffic. YOUR FREE membership includes…* You can send mail every 3 days * Save 5 Emails * 10 Credits for reading emails * 1500 Signup Credits * 250 monthly Credits * HTML Mailer * Banner Ads Rotator * Support from Very Trusted Admins * Earn Commissions on 2 levels * Earn Credits for referring members on 2 levels. So get in there today!

EFFECTIVE SAFELIST > http://effectivesafelist.com

Welcome to Effective Safelist. Total Members: 5,687 and growing! Credit based mailing system. Special credit links guarantees that people will visit your sites. Earn Money For Referring Members! So get in there today!

 Target Safelist promo code

Express Safelist >http://expresssafelist.com

Sign Up For FREE at Express Safelist and recieve a FREE Pro Upgrade as well as have a $10 BONUS Added to your Commission Account here at Express Safelist Until 1000 Members. Once you have Verified your Account you can Use Express Safelist Promo Code : New Member

promo codes for safelists

Daily Credit Mailer >http://dailycreditmailer.com

Mail Up To 5,000 Members Every 24 Hours! If you’re not using Credit Mailers, you’re leaving 100’s and 1000’s of subscribers and Referrals on the table. Join Free And Blast Your First Email Instantly!

promo codes for safelists

AD TROOPERS Credit Mailer >http://adtroopers.com

Send your ads right now to:11,044 Active, Responsive Members. AdTroopers, is a FREE, state-of-the-art, 100% credit-based safelist built BY Internet Marketers FOR Internet Marketers. Everyone who signs up receives FREE advertising. Free Troopers (Ensigns) receive 25,000 credits to start plus earn 350 credits for every ad link clicked (750 for clicking contact solos). Upgraded members can get even more credits. Adtroopers Promo Code: tc30ka11, notechis-scutatus and tcau60, TC20K

promo codes for safelists

MAX MAILER PRO >http://maxmailerpro.com

Introducing MaxMailerPro – The “you’re in control” viral mailer. The new QuotaPoints system at Max Mailer Pro lets you do things that no other viral mailer can. Mail how many you want whenever you want,even if you are a free member. It is YOUR choice at Max Mailer Pro.
You even get 150 credits free just for joining, no upgrade required.


SOCIAL MESSAGE CONNECT –>http://www.SocialMessageConnect.com

Social Message Connect combines the latest in social media messaging with the power of a mailer program. Imagine a safelist with no email! Now you don’t have to worry about spam filters, junk mail folders, and email overload keeping you from reaching your prospective customer. In addition, it opens up a new way for those reading your ads to be able to communicate directly back with you to ask questions or give comments.

Safelist Plus

SAFELIST PLUS.COM –>http://www.safelistplus.com

Join Safelist Plus. Free Credit Based Safelist!FREE Lifetime Pro Plus for the First 1,000 Members! Plus 150,000 Sign-up Credits! Join Now to receive your FREE Pro Plus Membership (Normally $2.95/mth)

Safelist Plus

TWE SAFELIST –>http://twe-safelist.com

Join TWE Safelist. Hundreds and hundreds of Dollars worth of Promo codes JUST FOR TWE-Safelist members! Check it out!!
This is growing into a ‘must have’ business tool. Use Promo Code: NewMember, DEBD790971, D2BC88B44B,

clixGalore Merchant Referral Commission Program

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Free Promo Codes for Top Safelists

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