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Text Ad Exchanges are the new tools to drive massive traffic to your sites. Why? It offer several ways to do it because you get Solo Mails, Super Solo Mails, Traffic Links, Banners, Text Links, Log -in Ads, and many more. Best of all, you can get free traffic using the promo codes or coupons just by signing up! Here is a list of Top Ad Exchanges. Make sure you use the promo codes and sign up freebies. Check out also my list of Top Safelists here and my list of top List Builders here.

$1 SOLO TRAFFIC. http://onedollarsolotraffic.com

Welcome to $1.00 Solo Traffic! Use Promo Code: Free. Code Gives…3 Solo Ads,3 Traffic Links,3 Banners,1 Hotlinks,1 Button Ad and 50000 Points. And BEST of all a FREE JV Membership! Use Bonus Promo Code: onedollar For a Nice Surprise!

MY WEALTH TRAFFIC. http://richesofwealth.com

Welcome to My Wealth Traffic! Bring a Wealth of Traffic to Your Site! Member Count: 3,506. FREE PRO for first 4000 Members. Promo Code: Roost Gives Pro Membership, 2 Solo Ads, 2 Banners, 2 Traffic Links and a Wealthy amount of Points! Use code newroost for 150,000 Points!

JUST PLAIN TRAFFIC. http://justplaintraffic.com

Welcome to Just Plain Traffic! Use Promo Code: crowds to get 5 Solo Ads, 5 Banners, 5 Buttons Banner, 5 Traffic Links, 5 Hot Links, 5 Login Ads. Use the promo code: “newsflash” to get 2 extra login ads and solos

I EARN TODAY.COM. http://iearntoday.com

I Earn Today offers advanced tools for Internet Marketers, free advertising, list builder, the ability to earn as a free member and to earn much more as a Gold, Diamond or Grand Marketer member through our 3×10 Forced Matrix Commission Plan. Member Count: 3, 246. Promo Code: IEARNPROMO For 2 Banners, with 2500 Impressions PLUS , 2 Traffic Links with 250 Guaranteed VIEWS

TRAFFIC AD LINKS http://www.trafficadlinks.com

Free Membership Site. Total Member Count: 11,148. Get Access to our Unique Downline Builder with The Best AdExchanges, AdBoards, List Builders & Affiliate Programs! FREE PROMO CODE: newmember (5000 Points, 2 banners, 2 traffic links, 1 solo email)

EYE ON ADS http://www.eyeonadz.info

Total Member Count: 1,520. FREE Lifetime PRO Membership . PRO MEMBER Benefits plus $155 Ad Pack Bonus.BONUS Traffic Generation Software and eBook Downloads

SOLO AD PLUS. http://www.soloadsplus.com

PROMO CODE: newmember 1st 500 Members Receive FREE JV Membership. Free JV Promo CODE: freddie

LIST ZILLIONS. http://listzillion.com

ListZillion is the easyest and most effective way to generate traffic, increase your sales and collect your own list – FOR FREE! Total Members: 7,752. Email 1000 random ListZillion members within 5 minutes of signing up as a FREE member. Email random members using credits that you earn by reading email or referring other people. Earn 150 bonus credits for every referral. Promo Code : newmember

EARNER4EVER.COM. http://earners4ever.com

E4E Text Ad Exchange. Member Count: 1,527. Currently Free Pro Membership with a Further 6 Membership Levels to Choose from. New members use promo code: “earners4ever” and recieve: 3 solos, 3 banner ads w/1000 views, 3 traffic links w/200 views 3 hot links w/200 views, 3 button banners w/1000 views, 5000 points. Use promo code: newadmin for an xtra ad package

5 CENT SOLOS. http://www.5centsolos.com

Welcome To THE NEW 5 CENT SOLOS! Total Member Count: 1,834. Use Promo Code: 2at5 to get 2 Solo Ads, 2 Banners, 2 Traffic Links and 5000 Points! Use Bonus Promo Code: “five” For a Nice Surprise!

ADS2CLIX.COM. http://ads2clix.com

Welcome To Ad2Clix! Total MemberCount: 1,140. Grab an $150 Ads Pack, All In One Text Ad Exchange! Use these promo codes: signmeup and freepro and You will be provided, 500 Viral Ads Credits, 500 Text Ads Credits, 3 Solo Ads, 3 Banner Ads, 3 Traffic Links, 2 Headline Ad, 2 AdsPlus Ad, and more.

PRONTO ADZ.COM. http://prontoadz.com

Welcome To ProntoAdz! Advertising Your Way, Pronto!! Member Count: 1,555. Extended Bonuses! Grab a Free JV Upgrade and a $75 Ads Pack. All members are invited to use promo codes: welcome and freejv and You will be provided 3 Solo Ads, 3 Banner Ads, 3 Traffic Links, 3 Hotlinks, 3 Button Ads, and 5,000 Points! Plus a Free JV Upgrade!

MY WEALTH TRAFFIC. http://richesofwealth.com

Welcome to My Wealth Traffic! Bring a Wealth of Traffic to Your Site! Member Count: 3,506. FREE PRO for first 4000 Members. Promo Code: Roost Gives Pro Membership, 2 Solo Ads, 2 Banners, 2 Traffic Links and a Wealthy amount of Points! Use code newroost for 150,000 Points!

BEYOND REALITY ADZ. http://beyondrealityadz.info

Welcome to Beyond Reality Adz! Verified Member Count: 1,062. Great reward prizes! Use Promo Code: First100. FREE *JV* MEMBERSHIPS! For A Limited Time

MONEY MAGNET ADVERTISING. http://www.moneymagnetadvertising.info

Welcome to Money Magnet Advertising! Serving Ads Around the World. Join Today and Use Promo Code: money. Promo Code gives, 10 Solos,4 Banners,4 Traffic Links,2 Button Ads,2 Hotlinks,2 PTC Links, and 50,000 Points!

FREE SOLO ADZ. http://freesoloadz.com

NEW! 4 FREE Solos 4 Life at FREESOLOADZ.COM! Total Member Count: 1,273, Join NOW FREE PRO MEMBERSHIP. Promo Code : 4Solos4Life and get 3 FREE SOLOS ADS, 3 BANNERS 1000 Imps., 2 TRAFFIC LINKS 100 Views, 2 HOT LINKS 500 Views, 1 BUTTON AD 2000 Imps., 1 LOGIN AD 100 Views, 1 PTC AD 50 Views, 15,000 POINTS

WOW FACTOR ADZ. http://www.wowfactoradz.com

Join NOW:FREE Pro Member FOREVER! Total Member Count: 1,039, Promo Code : WOW and get 2 FREE SOLOS,2 FREE BANNERS 500 IMPS.,2 FREE T-LINKS 50 GUARANTEED VIEWS,2 FREE HOT LINKS 1000 VIEWS, FREE 10,000 BONUS POINTS

EXPLOSIVE ADS. http://explosive-ads.com

Join Explosive Ads Now! Member Count: 1,248.

All NEW Members Login, Click On Setup Advertising & Redeem This Code – newmember. Receive: 2 Contact Solo Ads! 2 Banners w/1000 Impressions! 2 Traffic Links w/50 Views!

SOLO WAVE ADS. http://solowave.info

Welcome to Solo Wave Ad Exchange. Claim Your Free JV Account just for signing up. Use Promo Code: solowave For your $67 Worth of free advertising. Grab some promotion tools and start earning those 50% commissions!



Umaxx traffic promo code U MAXX TRAFFIC. http://umaxxtraffic.com

Welcome To U Maxx Traffic! 5 Free Solo Ads, 2 Free Banner Ads, 2 Free Hot Links & 1 Free Traffic Link…That’s $77 in Free Advertising I’m Giving You for Joining Right Now!


Global Cash Ads promo code GLOBAL CASH ADS EXCHANGE. http://www.globalcashads.com

Welcome Global Cash Ads! Members Count: 1405. All members are invited to use promo codes: globalcash and You will be provided 1 Super Solo, 1 Network Cash Solo Banner, 5 Solo Ads, 2 Banner Ads, 1 Traffic Links, 1 Headline Ads, 2 AdsPlus Ads, 1 Button Ads, 1 Premium Ad, 2 Block Ads, 1 Login ad, and 1 HotLinks! Plus 1000 Viral Adz Credits, and 5000 Text Ads Credits! 10,000 Points! Plus grab 1000 extra blast credits!

Daily Talk Adz promo code DAILY TALK ADZ ADS EXCHANGE. http://dailytalkadz.com

Welcome to Daily Talk Adz! Member Count: 3,169. We made a big splash with our recent launch, by offering You the best advertising methods anybody will find on the Internet today!And, to make joining now totally irresistible, we’re still offering you $98 in Free Advertising…Register, login & use Promo Code: dailytalkadz

Daily Talk Adz promo code PROJECT FREE TEXT ADS EXCHANGE. http://www.projectfreetextads.com

Welcome to Project Free Text Ads! Member Count: 1,731. Join Today And Receive: FREE PRO Upgraded Account; 4 FREE SOLO ADS; 4 FREE BANNERS; 4 FREE TRAFFIC LINKS; 1 HOT LINK; 1 PTC AD; 1 BUTTON AD; and 20000 FREE BONUS POINTS. Use Promo Code: newwave

Blue Diamond promo code BLUE DIAMOND TEXT ADS EXCHANGE. http://www.bluediamondadexchange.com

Welcome to Blue Diamond Text Ads! Member Count: 736. FREE – FULL – INSTANT ACCESS for Pro Members! PLUS – just for registering as a Free Pro Member, we’re also going to give you several additional Promo Codes totalling over 500 Solo Ads from some of our JV Partners! Yours absolutely FREE!
When you login, be sure to use Blue Diamond Promo Code “bluediamondpro” to receive 5 Solos, 5 Banners, 5 Traffic Links, and 5 Hot Links.

adz2cash promo code ADZ2CASH TEXT ADS EXCHANGEhttp://adz-2-cash.com

Welcome to AdZ2Cash Text Ads! Member Count: 1,219. All members are invited to use Ads-2-Cash promo codes: signmeup and freepro. You will be provided 1 Free Pro Account, 50,000 Points, 4 Solo Adz, 4 Banner Adz, 1 Paid Text Ad, 1 Login Ad and 4 HotLinks! For New Signups Only. Value: $180.00

adz2cash promo code DOLPHIN SOLOS TEXT ADS EXCHANGEhttp://www.dolphinsolos.com

Welcome to Dolphin Solos! Come join Kiki the Dolphin and claim your TOTALLY FREE Advertising pack! First 500 Members Receive a F.R.E.E JV Membership. Promo Codes: kiki , freejv  for 10,000 Points 5 Solo Ads, 5 Banner Ads w/250 views, 5 Featured Ads w/150 views, 5 Button Ads w/100 views, 5 Traffic Links w/50 views and more.



Welcome to Dragon Solo Ads Plus. Not Your Average Text Ad Exchange 9TAE)! CLAIM YOUR 15 FREE SOLO ADS TODAY! New Members can redeem TWO Promo Codes. Use Promo Code: DudlyDragon for 10 Solos and Use Promo Code: newmember for 5 solos and many more. FREE JV MEMBERSHIPS FOR First 1,000 Members. Monthly promo code are given as well.



Welcome to Superior Ad Exchange! Refer 5 members and get Free JV upgrade. Refer 25 members and get Free Super JV upgrade. Earn Up To 60% Commission on 5 Levels!Use Promo Code: superior, 777



Welcome To Wizzy’s Surf House. Get A FREE *JV* MEMBERSHIP! (First 1000 Members ONLY) & get 10 Solo Ads, 2 Banner Ads, and more. Use Promo Code: wizzy, 777 use promo code: WSH10 (new members only) to get 10000 points, 10 solos, 2 banners with 5000 views



Welcome To Mega Blast Text Ads! Member Count: 1363 and growing. New Member Use Promo Code: newmember to get 10,000 Credits, 5 Solo Ads, 5 Banners, 3 Traffic Links and More! Super JV Membership is Just $25.00 Lifetime! Super JV Members get 450000 Points a month!



Welcome To Traffic Cast Text Ads! New Member Use Promo Code: Affordable to get 10 Free Solo Ads,5 Banners Ads, 5 Button Banners, 5 Hot Links Ads , 5 Traffic Links Ads, 20000 Credits!
Very affordable paid advertising and a chance to earn on ad purchases.



Welcome To 50 Cents Solo Ads Exchange. Use Promo Code: 50cents, 50Cex Over 1000 members waiting to read your ads! This site rocks!Referral Contest Underway $500 in prize money and countless thousands in advertising packages to be given to 5 lucky winners!



Welcome To Mega Text Ads Exchange. Member Count: 2516 and growing. Use Promo Code: 1solo, lucky, sixsixsix 10 HIDDEN PROMO CODES On The SITE!are They are Giving AWAY Possible to EVERY MEMBER: * 18 SOLO ADS – $180 Value * * 13,400 UNIQUE TRAFFIC IEWS – $268 Value * * 137,000 BANNER IMPRESSIONS – $137 Value * * 4,000,000 POINTS – $40 Value *



Welcome To Text Ads Clickers Ad Exchange. Use Promo Code: traffic (Hurry Offer below is for 100 members) 10 Free Solo Ads,5 Banners Ads, 5 Button Banners, 5 Hot Links Ads , 5 Traffic Links Ads! Both a Surf Exchange and Text Ad Exchange! First 500 Will Get FREE JV MEMBERSHIPS! Super JV Price is Just $14.99



Welcome Value Added Ads Exchange. Member Count: 3,272. Earn $0.25 for EVERY FREE Member YOU Refer! Refer PRO Members and Earn up to $4!Read Solo Email Ads, Click Links, Click Banners, Browse Member Text Ads in HTML or Plain Text at ValueAddedAds.com to EARN Your Own Advertising!



Welcome Mammoth Ads Exchange. Member Count: 3,272. Effective Advertising and Guaranteed Targeted Traffic for FREE! Sign up today and get free ads to get your advertising started off. Go to advertising enter the promo code : mammoth You’ll receive: 2000 points,2 Solo Ads,2 Button Ads,2 Hotlinks, 5 Banners with 1000 views,3 Traffic links with 50 views



Traffic-Time.com, bringing you effective Advertising. MemberCount: 3,038. All New Members Get An Awesome Starter Ad Package – Total Value = $80! ….4 Solos, 2 Premium Ads, 4 Traffic Links, and 4 Banner Ads! Go to advertising enter the promo code : newmember

Upgrade to JV And Refer 10 New JV Partners. Get a $25 Referral Bonus!



Welcome Golden Rule Ads Exchange. GOLDEN RULE ADS. FREE PRO-320,000 POINTS-FREE ADS. PROMO CODE–golden



Welcome Sizzling Text Ads Exchange. Free Pro Membership has been re-instated until 2000 members.Use promo code: relaunchpro. All new members will receive *2 solo ad *2 banner w/2000 views *2 banner buttons w/1000 views *2 traffic link w/100 views.Sign up Free then use promo code: smokin



Welcome Coffee Break Ads Exchange. Use Promo Code: espresso-2 for 10,000 Points and 3 Solo Ads and more. Honest and Reliable Admin! Weekly Mini Contests that Pay CASH Directly to PP/AP Account. Always a way to Earn a F*REE Super Solo Daily!



Do you want 100,000 Free Advertising Credits? That’s huge! Simply join My Web Adz and see what all the fuss is about. USE PROMO CODE: NewMember2012

Go now and claim those 100,000 free advertising credits and see why her members stay.



Welcome to Blast The Ads! Where We Blast ‘Em and YOU Make the $$$. Fast Start Bonuses In Effect! F*REE JV Upgrade to the First 500 1000 Members! USE PROMO CODE: Use Promo Code: BLAST-3 giving you 15,000 Points, 3 Solo Ads, 2 Banners, 1 Button Ad, 2 Traffic Links PLUS $6.75 Sign Up Bonus!



Welcome to Inferno Ads! MemberCount: 2,131. All members are invited to use promo codes: signmeup and You will be provided 3 SonicSolo Ads, 3 Banner Ads, 3 Traffic Links, 1 Headline Ad, 1 AdsPlus Ad, 1 Premium Ad, 1 Button Ad, 1 Block Ad, 1 HotLink, and 20,000 Points!


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