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Prospecting Tips: How To Find Your Customers by Michael S. Clouse Live in Norway

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Could you build a business without a list? Where to find your customers? How to grow your business by prospecting? Here are MLM Prospecting Tips by Network Marketing Expert Michael S. Clouse. If you want to learn the truth about prospecting, watch this video! Recorded live in Oslo, Norway.
Prospecting Tips How To Find Your Customers  by Michael S. Clouse

Prospecting Tips: How To Find Your Customers by Michael S. Clouse

“I think one of the most important parts of your business which is prospecting here are you going to find those customers where are you going to find
those partners.”

“One factor that is going to determine your success in this company the number
one factor that is going to determine your success in life is how you think
how you think. The number one factor that’s going to determine how this
material I ‘m giving you is received by you is how you think.”

“I would say here’s the rule very simple if you want to go from where you are in your business and start rank
advancing through your company you need to have this is a minimum daily
requirement for your business to new contacts every day.”

It’s the single most important thing you’re going to do are you going to use
the internet for building your business i hope so I hope you take the time to
figure that out.

“Anyway I would go to the the trade shows my favorite was the lawn and garden show
or some people call the home show because people who had a house but they
didn’t like it they didn’t like their kitchen or didn’t like there-there
whatever their yard they wanted to do something more to the house
these people would come and they would look at all kinds of ways that they
could put money into a house to make it better but guess how many of the people
that went to that show had the money
very few so i would just walk around look at people may be standing a couple
they be standing talking all wouldn’t that be fantastic if we had a patio like
that would be so wonderful we could have our friends over we could do a BBQ and
they all this like wouldn’t be great wouldn’t be great and i would say to
them if it’s so great why don’t you just order it
the guy will probably take your order while you’re here and then we start a
conversation about they don’t have the money I get their contact information
follow up with them later.”

what do you enjoy doing if you don’t want to go sit at the coffee shop and
find somebody that you think would be perfect for your business since $YEAR
and start a conversation how are you going to meet your two new contacts
every day you’ve got to figure this out i can tell you that I killed so many people in the
very beginning because I didn’t know what to do but let me ask you this
in closing if you were single and you didn’t want to be single and you found
somebody that you thought this could be interesting and you invited them out and
they said not interested would you become a monk or would you go ask
someone else remember that the next time someone says coffee
why would I don’t want to drink coffee it’s just next home based business why
would I want to do that next
you know I have to talk to people I don’t want to talk to people I don’t
even like people next you just keep going until you find your two contacts
every day those contacts will turn into presentations we’re going to talk more
about that as the weekend faults those weekends will are those for those
weekends those presentations will absolutely become customers and partners
over time and if you take the time to teach those people one day you’re going
to wake up with a hundred it’ll be a little bit longer but one day you’ll
wake up with a thousand it’ll be awhile beyond that but one day you’ll wake up
and you’ll look at some computer generated report from your company and
you will have just crossed 10,000 and I’m looking forward to the next major
journey for me when i pick up the report online look at it and I’ve crossed
100,000 and i’m just getting started

“So if I can figure this out you can figure this out if I can stop by the
library and get how to win friends and influence people
you can go get that book if I can recognize I didn’t know what I was doing
and take the time to learn you can recognize you may not know what you’re
doing and you can take the time to learn if I realize that some people are going
to say yes and some people are going to say no you’ll figure that out too but
what you have is an obligation as leaders having come out here today is to
take some of the material that you’re learning and go apply it so that your
activity goes up so that your dreams will come true thanks for listening.”

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