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SWOM Review: 7 Top Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade To SWOM Gold Membership

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“”One thing is clear with our revolutionary viral referral program — It is impossible NOT to earn!”” – SWOM

Okay, you may have signed up already at SWOM as a free member or other swommers call you a “blue” member. (If not you click here to sign up). You may be questioning why do you need to upgrade although the fact is, you are enjoying great benefits as a free member. You may have noticed that when you signed up or first logged-in, you are already receiving a lot of invitations to connect to a member or to join a group. In case you are not aware, every connection is 1 point and is added to your community score that is showing below your profile photo.

swom success
Be Bold. Go for Gold!

I have been a SWOM Gold member for the past  seven months. It’s really a  wise decision to upgrade to Gold Membership. I am a serious, active, and optimistic online entrepreneur and SWOM was my launching platform in this industry. There are lot of interesting people inside SWOM. Interesting in the sense that these people are successful, their systems and techniques are effective, and that they are really keen to help anyone.

Here are the Benefits of why you need to upgrade to SWOM Membership:

Benefit #1 – Earn up to 70% in commissions!

Only Gold members may take part in SWOM’s  revolutionary Viral Referral Program. If you really work hard and get things going, you can actually make significant income month after month. Is it possible to earn a 4, 5 or6 digit income every month? YES, if you are really dedicated and work hard for it. It is really dependent on how many people that you will refer to SWOM who will upgrade to Gold Membership.

Benefit #2 – $15 Instant Referral Bonuses

As a SWOM Gold member, you get paid $15.00 bonus instantly every time you refer someone who will upgrade to  Gold Membership. It doesn’t matter when they upgrade – even if they join as a free member and upgrade 6 months later, you still get paid!

Benefit #3 – Unlimited Profile Views of SWOM Membership

Just recently SWOM limited profile views to Free Members. Back then, Free Members also enjoy the  benefit of a Gold members  who can actually view as many member profiles as they wish 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is probably one of the most valuable benefits of being a SWOM Gold Membership as every person inside SWOM is a potential client to any of your businesses. People inside SWOM are like-minded people and it’s really a wise decision to connect with every single member there is.add them as friends. More connections means more leads, more sign-ups or referrals.

Benefit #4 – UNLIMITED FREE Advertising!

Gold members receive FREE advertising of their SWOM profiles on the SWOM website. Gold members can actually show their profile link on the internet. You also have unlimited advertising inside swom. You can post as many messages as you can on your contact’s profile page (of course, avoid spamming) and can send unlimited e-mail to all of your contacts 5 persons at a time.

Benefit #5 – FREE company sponsored referrals!

Gold members also qualify for receiving FREE referrals from SWOM advertising.  People who signed up directly to SWOM without referrer, the admin randomly assign to Gold members  and that qualifies to a $15 Instant Referral Bonus to the lucky gold member

Benefit #6 – Ability to Create SWOMGroups


Having a SWOM Group is a powerful way to reach SWOM members. You can increase your own profile and find new prospects for your businesses. As a Gold member, you are allowed to create up to 5 groups and send up to 500 invitations every day. Invitations appears on your contact’s dashboard as soon as they log in, making sure you have their full attention. You can start creating a Group by clicking the “Group”tab on your profile page.

Benefit #7 – Access to The Open University Forum

The Open University (OU) is a valuable place to build your credibility to fellow Gold Members. You will also get the benefit of getting massive points once your answers to the questions posted in OU were vote up by your fellow Swommers.  You will get points if your question is voted up and you get a point for every answer you will post.

So what are you waiting for, Upgrade to Gold Membership today and enjoy the advantages of becoming a Gold member!

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