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You Were Born Rich Bob Proctor Full DVD 1

you were born rich bob proctor dvd 1

You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor is undoubtedly one of the most talk about book in the network marketing industry. Personally, I have not read this book yet. But definitely will be on my list. Christmas Season is here and it’s the holidays. I hope I find time to read or watch this “You Were Born Rich” video I found at Youtube.

Anthony Robbins: Why We Do What We Do?

anthony robbins

You may not have the money, you may not have the Supreme Court, but that is not the defining factor. (Applause). And you correct me if I’m wrong. The defining factor is never resources, it’s resourcefulness. And what I mean specifically, rather than just some phrase, is if you have emotion, human emotion, something that I experienced from you a day before yesterday at a level that is as profound as I’ve ever experienced, and if you’d communicated with that emotion I believe you would have beat his ass and won.