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Overcoming Hopelessness Nick Vujicic TEDx Talks

Overcoming Hopelessness - Nick Vujicic TEDx Talks

Nick Vujicic talks about the importance of parenting in early childhood and it’s significance in overcoming hopelessness. Willpower is a driving force for making our big dreams come true, but if we don’t get a …

A Life of Purpose | Rick Warren


“I think you matter to God; I think you matter to history; I think you matter to this universe. And I think that the difference between what I call the survival level of living, the …

A Simple Way to Break a Bad Habit

A simple way to break a bad habit Judson Brewer

Psychiatrist and addiction expert Judson Brewer researches mindfulness techniques that effectively help quell cravings of all kinds. In his recent talk with TED Talk, he discussed about a simple way to break bad habit.  Can …

What Makes A Good Life? TedX Talk by Harvard Professor Robert Waldinger

What Makes A Good Life

Have you asked yourself about what makes us really happy and healthy as we go through life? If you want to invest in “the good life,” where should you put your time and energy? Harvard …